Own A Home

Homeownership leads to stability and success. Children do better in school, finally having a neighborhood they can call their own. Adults often pursue more schooling and better jobs.

Wichita Habitat for Humanity partners with people in Sedgwick County who are interested in improving their lives through homeownership. The WHFH Homeownership program offers qualified homebuyers free hands-on training to be a successful homeowner, the opportunity for a 20-30 year affordable mortgage, and continued support including home maintenance advice and financial guidance after purchasing your home.

Steps to Homeownership

1. Determine your eligibility.

  • Need for housing: Crowded, substandard, or cost-burdensome living conditions.
  • Ability to pay: Steady income to be able to pay the 0% interest mortgage and living expenses. Household income must be between 35-65% of the median income for Sedgwick County.
  • Willingness to partner: Complete 250-400 hours of sweat equity hours, volunteering on construction site and attending homebuyer education classes.

2. Schedule an informational meeting.

If you think you meet the eligibility criteria, attend an information meeting. Click here to see the upcoming dates and call 316-269-0755 or email katharine@wichitahabitat.org to reserve your spot.

3. Complete the application process.

4. What happens next?

  • After you have submitted your application, we will complete a financial review. If you qualify, we will schedule a home visit to verify need for housing. If approved, you will attend a New Homebuyer Orientation meeting. If you don’t initially qualify for the program we can assist you through our Heading Home program which is a preparedness program to help you and your family become more financially stable through financial education and one-on one budget coaching sessions.
  • Start your partnership with Wichita Habitat for Humanity. You will attend Homebuyer Education classes (click here to check the calendar of classes offered) and complete 250-400 hours of sweat equity. Save money for closing costs and emergency fund, and get one-on-one support to help you reach your financial and homeownership goals.
  • When you complete 50% of your sweat equity hours, save at least 50% of closing costs and meet conditions of acceptance if any, you will be eligible for a land offer. (Time of land offer is based on lot availability and build schedule).
  • When your home is completed and suitable for occupancy, and you have completed all sweat equity hours and homebuyer education classes, saved 100% of closing costs and have met all conditions and requirements, you will move into your home!

The application process takes approximately 60 days. Once approved it takes between 8 to 18 months to complete the entire process, from the date you are accepted into the program to the day we hand you the keys to your home.

Sedgwick County Median
Income Requirements

Household SizeGross Annual Income
1$16,275 - $30,225
2$18,620 - $34,580
3$20,930 - $38,870
4$23,240 - $43,160
5$25,130 - $46,670
6$26,985- $50,115
7$28,840 - $53,560
8$30,695 - $57,005
Upcoming Information Meetings Required Documentsfor Application

Heading Home Program

If you aren’t quite sure if you’re financially ready to buy a home or don’t qualify when you apply to buy a home through Wichita Habitat for Humanity, you can join our Heading Home program for one-on-one support to take you through the steps of preparing to buy a house. Contact us at 316-269-0755 and let us know you want to learn the skills necessary to be a homeowner.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be eligible if you have a need for housing, the ability to pay a 20-year, 0% interest mortgage, and a willingness to partner with us. If you believe you may qualify, attend an information meeting to obtain an application and learn more about what’s involved.

The amount of time from selection to homeownership is normally 8-18 months. During this time you will be working your “sweat equity” hours, attending homebuyer education classes and saving money for closing costs.
Wichita Habitat requires no downpayment. You are required to pay approximately $2,000 in closing costs at your mortgage signing, which includes the cost of 14 months of homeowner’s insurance and two months of property taxes to build up your escrow account. You will have the opportunity to save this amount monthly while you are in the program.
Wichita Habitat is willing to work with those whose credit is less than perfect. We do not look at your credit score. We DO look at your debt-to-income ratio and your credit history. Any bankruptcy or foreclosure must have been discharged over 24 months ago. Wichita Habitat commits to working with you to meet financial requirements to become a homeowner.

The home-buying process through Wichita Habitat for Humanity has a few extra steps in order to qualify for our 0% interest mortgage; however, we follow all mortgage lending laws and make sure you understand each stage. To learn more about the process of buying a home and finding a conventional mortgage check out the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Owning a Home website.

Wichita Habitat builds homes on lots that we own in Sedgwick County. We are currently focusing new construction in our Rock the Block area. See information here about our completed Habitat Villages where recycled homes will sometimes become available for purchase.

No, our program is a long-term solution, not a quick fix. For immediate housing needs, contact the United Way (211) for resources. Our program can be a long-term solution after you address your current housing situation.
Minor exterior repairs that will help to improve the safety and security of your home may be possible, through our program, A Brush With Kindness. We are not currently accepting new applications, but we do collaborate with other community resources who may be able to help with home repairs including: The South Central Kansas Economic Development District for Weatherization (316-262-7035), Mennonite Housing (316-942-4848), Sedgwick County Department on Aging (855-200-2372), or the City of Wichita’s Home Repair program which has a variety of services for homeowners (316-462-3713). You can also call United Way (211) to be given other resources

You can start saving for your home NOW with the CASH program through Interfaith Housing Services in Hutchinson and may qualify for a $2:$1 or even $3:$1 match to use towards your home purchase or homeowner occupied housing repair. Contact Rose Smyres at 620-662-8370, ext 710 or roses@ihs-housing.org and let her know you heard about this opportunity from Wichita Habitat for Humanity.

Our Homes

We build quality, energy efficient homes in eye-catching styles that vary among our different neighborhoods, but they’re all built with the same high standards of excellence.

Wichita Habitat for Humanity is proud that we have been building Energy Star certified homes since 2007. These homes are 20-30% more efficient than standard homes, which significantly reduces our homeowners’ electric bills. Monthly utilities for gas and electric bills combined in a Habitat home average $150.

The certification requires the following:

  • Effective Insulation Systems
  • Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting and Appliances
  • High-Performance Windows
  • Tight Construction and Ducts

The size of the home depends upon the number of people in the household. Our two, three, four and five bedrooms are comfortable and affordable to meet the needs of your family. Check out the floor plans for our three and four bedroom homes.

Jefferson Floor Plan3 Bedrooms Madison Floor Plan4 Bedrooms

Information Meetings

Are you interested in owning a home through our program? The first step is to attend an information meeting to learn more about us and obtain an application. Meetings are held at our offices at 130 E. Murdock St. (corner of Murdock and Market streets).

Please call (316) 269-0755 or email katharine@wichitahabitat.org to register and reserve your spot today or email your name, phone number and preferred date.

Due to space limitations we ask that you arrange for childcare during the meeting.

Can’t attend one of these meetings? Call or email to be contacted for future meetings.